Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I know I should not be saying that. The rain is helping the compost and manure work it's way deeper in the dirt, but I want to plant. The seeds and starts are all here, ready to go in the ground.

Jenn mentioned a book she once had about growing "more vegetables that you ever imagined" so we went and got a copy a couple of days ago. It is chock-a-block full of great ideas about companion planting and crop rotation. I never really thought about rotation on such a small farm. Soils get depleted. Size does not matter. The tome is a bit more scientific, and has less pictures than I would like, but I am wending my way through the thing because I want to be an absolute success at this.

Work on the chicken run and coop is on schedule. There are only a few small things left to be done. The chicks are healthy and growing. The three older girls, Dolly, Buffy and Brusier Woods are really starting to feather out. I am sure they will be beautiful once the transition is complete. But to me, right now, they look like aliens or prehistoric birds. The little girls, Laverne, Shirley and Penny are pretty much still in the cute baby stage of development. Cleaning up after six messy birds three times a day can be a pain. How is it that such tiny creatures can make such a mess is beyond me. I know, by the amount of waste in the brooder that we will have a large supply of poop to put on the garden over the summer, and can stock pile enough poop filled straw for next year.

Today, I read the overly scientific tome and draw a map of what needs to grow next to what. Pictures of the results in a few days, if the weather will cooperate.

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