Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rain Stops, Construction Starts

My contractor is a go-getter of a woman. She stopped by yesterday afternoon, right as it stopped raining. Her "I just came to check things out and see what kind of materials we have" turned into construction. A couple of hours later, we had the footings in, the posts up, and a frame for the floor. We have lift off of the hippy-dippy, made from recycled materials, hen house and chicken coop.

Today, we continue. I am exicited about the way it will look, although a lot of the actuals about the design will come as we go. One thing that was not part of the original plan is a deck that is taking shape outside the hen house door. The little ladies will have a place to sit to watch the sunset. They will also have a large window, a roost under the hen house, and a yard with soil full of worms to et. They, luck bitches, will be living over the most tended and fertile part of the garden. I worked that soil myself, with a shovel, amending it to death two years ago when I started my first garden here.

Pictures tomorrow....

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