Tuesday, May 5, 2009

When Will It End

Stalled by rain, and procrastination. But, the starts are healthy and so are the chicks.

The birds are growing so fast now. They have so many of their adult feathers. Even the little girls. Dolly, Buffy, and Bruiser should be able to live outside before too long. In the hen house, but not yet big enough for the run. I can't wait for all of them to be able to take their first walk outside. Seems really wrong for them to only have their feet in scratch, and on newspapers. I took the brooder out on Sunday so the girls could work on their tans. It is a shame that the weather has been so wet and cold. I would like for them to be outside a bit more.

We had the chance, for a few hours on Sunday to plant. Jenn and our friend Cole decided to re arrange the garage instead. Instead of guilting our other two brunch guests into helping me get some things in the ground, we just watched them, and video tapped them bantering back and forth about what should go where. Very funny.

So, it is the fifth of May and although we are farther along with everything that we were two summers ago, I am feeling a bit like I am not doing my job very well. All over town people have their plants in the ground and their seeds sowed. The rain is supposed to stop tomorrow. Jenn and I have done some pinky swearing on this planting thing and we will get everything out back planted where it is supposed to be by the time the new week starts. Then, it will be time to finish up the coop and get the girls outside on time! This farming thing ain't easy, but I like it.

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