Friday, April 3, 2009

Rain Stalls Coop Construction

Yes, the rains stalled the start of the construction of the chicken coop and hen house. We had planned on starting late this week but the weather left us no option but to postpone. Looks like this weekend will give us drying time and maybe a chance to get it done before the next spring storm arrives.

Working around Mother Nature is a real pain. I'd like to stick to the schedule. The chicks arrive on the 7th and I'd like to have a space ready for them. Not that they can just have the run of the place, but they can live in their little cardboard inclousure inside the hen house. All warm and dry and not in our house!

I was wandering the garden, looking for things that might have wintered over from what got planted last year by the people who stayed here while we were gone on our trip. I found some mint, and a few things that are probably medicinal herbs, but I have to study up on them to find out. I will dig everything up, and then put it back in once the tilling is done. Who knows what we might end up with later on in the year.

The adventure of being an urban farmer continues.

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