Friday, May 15, 2009

What's Worse, permanent or one time use?

I am referring to coffee filters. I recently started using a hemp cone instead of the brown ones made from recycled paper. Now, I am wondering if washing out the hemp filter every morning is using up more water than in the making of the paper filters.

Christ! It is so hard to be deep green. If you buy paper filters there is water used in their making. How much? I need to find out. In using a hemp filter I run the water for approximately 45 seconds to rinse out what does not come off the filter when I scrape the grounds into the compost. I wash it with soap and water twice a week, so that takes more water. I don't know which is more ecologically sound but I am sticking with hemp until someone tells me it is the worst thing I can be doing for the planet.

Speaking of compost, I have a major overhaul planned for our triple bin system. It was constructed poorly by the people who stayed here while we were off on our fabulous adventure last summer. Although it held all the pieces parts in place, turning the sucker has been a nightmare. With some refitting, it will be easier to turn and a continued source of fabulous, rich, healthy humus for the garden this year, and next.

And, because Jenn has been a real trooper there are only a few more starts to plant. All the later crop seeds have been sowed and soon it will be a watering, and weeding, and waiting game. There tiny little starts on one of the strawberry plants. Five tiny little nubs that will be fruit. One of the pepper plants has a bloom and the blueberries are looking promising for this year. Lettuce can be harvested in about two weeks, and the broccoli rabe maturing quickly.

I love my time alone in the garden in the morning. Just me, and the plants and the chickens. I water with intent and with as much Zen as I can muster. I try and see the small changes taking place in the vegetables. I soak in the colors and the drops of water as they fall down the leaves and into the the rich, dark, fertile soil.

Life doesn't get much better than this.

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  1. Regarding the coffee filters - I use the brown paper coffee filters, and compost it - yep, the coffee grounds AND the filter. Breaks right down in the composter. Of course, I have New Mexico sun, and the compost gets intensely hot. But I offer that as a possible solution to the 'what to do with the coffee filter' dilemma. :)