Friday, June 17, 2011

The lack of something green

It is official, if not for the herbs, strawberries, blueberries, and the four tomato and four pepper plants I bought recently, the garden is going to bare this year. Without someone to help me tend it, I am letting go of having a real urban farm this year. Fallow will be the ground and I am sad for it...

The last two years I have been two sick to tend it so Jenn did and this year she wants no part of it. I am not able, yet, to take on the vastness of what we had last year, so for this one year I will do what I can to make it ready for fall planting of garlic, and other hardy crops.

So much for being a full time urban farmer this year... and, to add insult to injury we have to move two of the chickens to a farm in Washington as they are too loud and the neighbor, in his words, "is at his wits end" over the noise.... we hope to keep Bruiser Woods and Laverne and add a couple of Maran pullets to see how that pans out.

More in fall when there is something to report.

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