Sunday, August 1, 2010

If Only The Sun Would Shine

It has been nice to not be suffering the fate of most of the rest of the country. Temperatures here have been on the cool side for most of what has been a summer that feels like spring or fall. If only the sun would shine the vegetables would grow and we could eat them. Right now, everything is so small, or green when it should be getting red.

We have managed to harvest some red potatoes and some Radicchio. The peas, because of the cool temps, are still producing and Jenn is happy about that. But, no chiles, no tomatoes, and no corn yet.

Mother Nature is a cruel mistress some years and this is one of them. We might not be harvesting much of anything for another month. I hope that I am wrong, but these long mornings of cloud cover sure are slowing things down.

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