Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It Is Finally Garden Season

At least for now. No rain for a couple of days and, if you can believe it, SUN. I had to water!

I worked outside for almost two hours today. A first since my surgeries. The strawberries are brilliant red, the blueberries are bluing, and the peas are finally getting fat. We thought they would never mature as they went in the ground late again this year. So, I must be grateful for the rainy days on behalf of the peas. The spinach that also loved the cold, damp days is ready to harvest.

I started a new tater patch this morning. I need to read up on raising healthy potatoes that don't get eaten by whatever is eating the first ones I put in. I have high hopes for my own Yukon Golds.

Although cranky about the fact that the corn might not be "knee high by the fourth of July", the garden is loving the sun. Everything is headed to the heavens. Tomato plants look like plants and not little knobs pushing through the dark soil. The sage plant is trying for a take over of it's corner of the garden. I already have a good bunch drying in my "farm" kitchen. I guess I better make some sage rubbed chicken thighs once it crisps up enough to be run through the grinder.

The oregano plant that nearly died when growing in a pot out front is so big and lovely that I have to make some kind of Italian something so I can crush it up in my hands and then take a deep, long, whiff of the aroma.

We have such a constant supply of eggs from Laverne, Bruiser Woods, Buffy, Dolly, and Penny. There are enough to keep us in all we need and enough to share with friends. Life is good, the garden is good, and I am healing. If you don't plant a garden, you should. It gives one time to pause and take in the beauty that is things that grow and bloom.

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