Friday, September 11, 2009

Two Eggs...

Although the laying isn't consistent yet, when whomever does lay is laying, double yolks seem to come up rather often. Eggs come about every other day and we have given some to two friends who have helped us maintain this urban farm through all the surgeries and treatments.

The yolks aren't as orange as I would like, but the girls are young. I tired a bite of one this morning and they taste great. I had been a bit squeamish about eating the eggs for some reason. Like, I might be eating Dolly's unfertilized baby. weird, I know, but it has passed.

In preparation for winter, we are squirreling away food. I've never canned or made pickles or jelly or jam but with all the food we've grown, there has been plenty to practice on. I did peeled tomatoes with basil and a few jars of pickled beans today. Tomorrow, I'll chop and seed some heirlooms and freeze them. We are trying many methods of food preservation to include drying herbs, and Roma tomatoes. I can see myself using them with pasta around January when tomatoes in the market taste like paper. Next week, I'll harvest cabbage and attempt a kim chi. After that, who knows. There are pumpkins still growing, squash, and so many more beans that we if we can them all, we can be eating green beans everyday for months!

Jenn has worked hard to make the farm produce, and I've kicked in some too. We did what we set out to. Grow food, share it with friends, and have a steady and healthy supply of organic food for ourselves. Does it get any better than that!

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