Thursday, July 30, 2009

And, Now.... Produce!

It seemed silly to write just because. I could have said, "still growing" about a million times. Flowers, vegetables, and the yardbirds. Just couldn't make my self do it. I wanted ti be able to say that the bounty is upon us. That we are giving food away because we cannot eat as much as this garden is producing. WE ARE THERE PEOPLE!

The corn is sweet and lovely. Tomatoes are slowly ripening on the vine. Zukes and squashes and blueberries and beans and snap peas and lettuces and even cucumbers have been plucked from their stems. Salsa has been made. Zukes have been grilled. Tomatillos and onions and tomatoes have been turned into a blended sauce for chicken or enchiladas. Salads have been made with radishes and onions and carrots that were in the ground about fifteen minutes before they hit the taste buds. Basil and parsley are standing by to be mixed with nuts and lemon and cheese and oil for a pesto of sorts.

I am swimming in the delights of our hard work and there is more to come. We have melons, and pumpkins and a second round of spinach and chard and broccoli out there. Gourds will soon be large enough to be dried and turned into bird houses to placed in the garden next spring. The cabbages are starting to have real head in their centers and slaw is in our future to go with the slow cooked pork I have promised my friends I would cook when it cools off a bit.

Soon, there will be enough sage and thyme and rosemary and oregano and lavender to dry for winter. Who could ask for anything more. Ok, we could ask for the chickens to lay some eggs, but they aren't old enough yet. Soon, though, soon.

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