Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another Reason To Go Deeper In The Green

I just now finished watching a documentary about corn. How much there is of the stuff, how sick it makes the cows that eat it, and then we eat them, and how because they figured out how to turn the stuff into sweetener, we are pretty much corn based beings. If you don't believe me, get a strand of your hair tested.

I am not saying the everyone in this country is in the same corned fed boat, but most of the population certainly is. I am probably a bit better off than most, and less than some, but it does not change the fact that corn, unless it is that variety that we can actually eat in its natural form, is evil and it will make you as sick as the cows if you don't start reading labels and NOT eating processed foods that have high fructose corn syrup in them. It is going to be difficult if you eat processed foods. Which is why I will grow as much of my own food as possible this summer. Food kissed by the sun, and danced around by the chickens. As whole as it comes.

As it stands now, I pretty much eat real food. The labels on the stuff I buy say organic, grass fed, sweetened with cane sugar, or whole wheat. With the advent of sustainable agriculture, I don't have to eat tainted food. I am not saying that I don't eat some of the horrid syrup, I do. I am human after all. After watching the doc, I am going to try and NEVER eat the stuff again.

Rent the movie, and see if you don't change your ways...... they use killer chemicals that eat skin in the making of corn syrup, and that alone should make every man and woman rethink that stuff in the pretty packages at your local warehouse supermarket!

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